What are Rubber Polymers?

The exact date of the making of this giant compound is not known. The credit goes to German chemist who for the very first time made use of this idea. Before 1965 it was not known that the attachment of the molecules which make up polymer is permanent. As the technology advanced the German chemist Hermann Staudinger came to know that not only the attachment is permanent but the overall usage is also high if the proper shape is given to the molecules. The invention of high-temperature polymers is considered to be ground breaking. There are many issues which can overcome by the use of these polymers in every walk of life. The best part of the structure of polymers is that the molecules repeat themselves. It also makes sure that the structure becomes very rigid such as high-temperature polyurethane. One of the main components which are made of the polymers is known as rubber. And now we will try to consider main types of rubber which are widely known.

Natural rubber

The idea of rubber is given by nature. The isoprene is the main component of the rubber and therefore it demonstrates the properties naturally. The main thing which is associated with this awesome polymer is the fact that softens when heated and once the stress or heat is removed the rubber comes to its original form and shape. The processing of natural rubber is required to make sure that it becomes usable. The pure natural form is though usable but on a very limited scale. Further processing makes sure that the best advantages of this awesome polymer are unlocked.

Butyl rubber

This type of rubber was developed in 1940. The low gas penetrability is something which is associated with this kind. It is used in several applications to make sure that the functionality ratio increases. The inner valves of gas devices, as well as the tubes, are the main places which are made up of this kind of rubber. The pressure endurance is another important factor which is associated with this awesome polymer. High-pressure gas equipment, in particular, is considered to be incomplete without this type of rubber.

Fluorosilicone rubber

It is regarded as one of the most expensive rubbers which are made using polymers and in an artificial manner. The best part is that the overall resistance of these rubbers is awesome. It can handle a wide range of temperatures as well as pressure. Weather and oil resistance is also to notch which makes it a part of several devices. However, there are some downsides which cannot be overlooked when it comes to general usage. The gas permeability of this kind is very poor and there are certain environments where it cannot be used at all.

Hypalon Rubber

The good weather and heat resistance are the properties for which this rubber is known. The usage is done in devices which require heat resistance, gas permeability, and even chemical resistance. The compression resistance is not high or up to the mark and therefore it is not recommended in any such application.